Spring mattress


Spring mattresses are the most common type of mattress. They consist of a layer of springs covered with layers of various comfort materials. The innerspring is the source of support and provides proper spinal alignment while you sleep. The best spring mattress is a combination of coil count, coil gauge (thickness) and the construction of the coils that determine the overall comfort and support of a mattress. The combination of various forms or fibers provide different levels of softness and comfort.



The Mattress foundation is the base of the mattress set and works with the mattress to provide proper support and durability. Bonnel spring is a combination of springs which are linked together to form a spring unit, while pocketed spring is an individual combination spring units forming a spring unit. So pocketed spring is more cozy and independent in comparison with bonnel spring. Hence pocketed spring is expensive. In the pocketed mattress, a person’s movements is never disturbed by the other since every spring unit is individually packed.



The feeling you get when you first lie down on a mattress comes from the various forms or fibers used as comfort layers above the inner spring or form support system. Most mattresses include a combination of special forms, responsive and to ease pressure points of the human body which ultimately resulting in a better night’s sleep. Based on the comfort layers or the firmness of a mattress, Spring mattress can be classified into Silver, Pillow top, Latex Top, Euro top or Medicated bed etc.